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As the number of users on the Internet grow, so do the number of Belize's target audience using the Internet as a travel resource and as an investment research tool. Between 2000 and 2004, in the US and Canada alone, countries that account for the majority of Belize's diving/snorkeling and adventure/ecotourism markets, a total of 215.9 million users representing an increase of 141.4% are now employing the Internet as a tool.

Naturalight Productions Ltd. specializes in promoting Belize on the Internet. The Belize by Naturalight network is the most comprehensive network of Belize information online. Our main site has over 70,000 unique visits every month. Tied to this are a variety of specialty sites such as in-country destination sites, a travel agent directory, summer and travel specials, and a Belize search engine which brings over 300,000 vistors, across our network monthly. Our site attracts college-educated, active adults who travel regularly and whose demographics match Belize's target travel and business audiences. The Belize by Naturalight network is ranked within the top 5 returns for "Belize" on all major search engines, most often ranking in the top 3.

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Naturalight Productions Ltd.
P.O. Box 216
23 Pen Road
Dangriga Town, Stann Creek District
Tel: +501-522-2995
Fax: +501-522-3707
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