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Individuals searching for information on Belize or planning a vacation come across our network quickly. As part of our service to you we provide a wide variety of customizable options to increase awareness of your company and its services on our extensive network.

Website Creation

When creating your image on the Internet, the design and features of each website are uniquely matched to your business and target audience. Information is presented in such a way that makes it easily navigated; customized graphics are designed to form a cohesive image; programming and multimedia features (such as flash intros, updateable pages, CMS and databases) are based on your needs and specifications.

Listing and Linking from the Belize by Naturalight (BbN) major indices

Information on the Belize by Naturalight network is organized in a series of indices that allow prospective travelers to easily find the service providers they seek. Your listing on major travel indices (such as Hotels, Tour Operators. Diving/Fishing Operators, etc.) and business indices (such as Real Estate, Finance, Insurance, etc.) is a 25-30 word description and a direct link to your website that introduces your service to users and gives them direct access to your site.

Targetted Ad Impressions

The Belize by Naturalight network is devoted wholly to the promotion of Belizean travel, products and services. Banner campaigns on high traffic sections of the BbN network give your business the chance to stand out at the top of these most commonly visited pages. Banner effectiveness can be measured by: increased name recognition and awareness (branding), as well as click-thrus to your website (visitation). Both can be monitored via password-protected access to campaign statistics.

Regions include:

Special Promotions

In order to target specific time periods or audiences Naturalight has established a series of promotional websites and activities that highlight specific information as well as offers by tourism service providers. These sites include:

  • - dispels the myth of summer not being a favorable time to visit Belize and offers special summer packages listed by in country destination and resort name.
  • - a searchable directory of travel specials offered by the industry. Participants have password-protected access to the site with the ability to offer up to 3 specials at a time and to make changes at their discretion.
Direct Marketing

Consumer Email Newsletter
Throughout its network Naturalight Productions offers visitors an opportunity to opt in to receive a bi-monthly Belize travel newsletter on topics including in country destinations, attractions, activities, and Belizean lifestyle. Newsletters with images are also maintained online at Newsletter sponsorship includes link in the email and a banner permanently linked from the feature online.

Belize Agents Email Newsletter
Travel agents and wholesalers are an important component of leisure travel and in recognition of this an online directory of Belize travel agents has been established at These Belize specialists as well as other interested travel agents are the recipients of a bi-monthly Belize reseller newsletter aimed at increasing agent knowledge of Belize as a tourist destination, making it an ideal medium to announce specials and new services.

Bonus Listing in the Belize Search Engine is an extensive Belize Search Engine, similar in fact to a "Belize Yahoo". Belize related sites are listed for free.

Online advertising (outside the Belize by Naturalight network)
As a small destination in a competitive environment, Belize is constantly challenged to increase and maintain its exposure in its targeted travel markets. Through cooperative efforts with the Belize Tourism Board, marketing campaigns have been established on major networks and niche travel sites such as,,, the AWAY network,, Yahoo Travel, National Geographic, and others.

Activities include sponsorship of e-newsletters and destination guides, banner advertising and others aimed at increasing Belize's exposure online. Wherever possible these campaigns include opportunities for individual exposure of hotels, airlines and tourism service providers.

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