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It is easy and quick, and your friends and family will appreciate the tip. Belize is a small country trying to create a big Internet presence. The more people know about Belize on the Internet, the more valuable a resource this will be for everyone. This form will send a short email to the friend you list below along with the website URL of "". Following is what the email will say:

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It impressed me enough to send you this message. Please visit this site and find out about Belize.Net which provides a complete source of information about Belize, including a powerful search engine of Belize related sites. Some of the features include:

  • Belize specific search engine
  • Photo and VR Libraries
  • Email Addresses
  • The Belize Forums
  • Belize Picture of the Day
  • Daily News
  • and much more...
At least save this message so you can visit when you have the time. Who knows, maybe you know someone that would find this site useful. If so, pass the word.

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